SKIN & BODY CARE Services & Rates

Reach The Peak Facial: $75 for 60 minutes
This facial begins with a thorough deep cleanse under steam to relax the pores and soften the skin. Our skin treatments aim to deliver your skin's best health, through a combination of a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), facial masque also to include the decollete, toner and skin protection. Also includes facial massage. 

The Peak Express: $45 for 30 minutes
Perfect for a quick fix or when you are short on time. This condensed version of the Reach The Peak Facial gives healthy glowing skin in 30 minutes.

Back Facial: $75 for 60 minutes
Back facials, for both men and women, target specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back. Our back facial is a first-class treatment that starts with a deep cleansing followed by exfoliation, extractions (as needed), and a nourishing mask customized for your skin type. A back massage is also included.

Luxurious Pedi Foot Scrub: $45 for 30 minutes
A Luxurious Pedi Foot Scrub will smooth and soften rough, dry, and overworked feet. Gentle salts from the Dead Sea, marine extracts, and African Shea Butter will exfoliate, smooth, soften while adding therapeutic benefits.

Scalp Treatment: $25 for 20 minutes
Gently massaging a warm blend of oils into your scalp, moisturizing your skin and hair follicles. Our scalp treatment will increase the blood and oxygen supply to the scalp and help reduce stress and mental fatigue.

Waxing Treatments: Pricing varies, see options below
Our waxing treatments will effectively remove any unsightly hair using luxurious products from Berodin that are gentle on the skin while leaving little to no residue. Prior to waxing, we cleanse and prepare the skin to ensure that the wax adheres to the hair only. Our Berodin wax products protect, calm, and soothe normal skin reactions from waxing.

  • Lip (upper and lower lip, if needed): $10

  • Ear (outside and inside): $10

  • Neck (tightens up the back of the neckline): $12 to $15

  • Underarm (tweezing is also done, if necessary, to remove any stray hairs): $15 to $20

  • Eyebrow (shaping gives the brows a more polished and pleasing finish): $20

  • Half Arm (from elbow to fingertips): $25 to $30

  • Full Arm (from top of shoulder to fingertips): $35 to $40

  • Back/Chest: $30 to $50

  • Bikini (outside the underwear line plus a little off the top): $30

  • Buttocks (removal of any unsightly hair from the cheeks to the crease of the leg and lower back line, along with the inner backside strip): $40

  • Half Leg (from knee to toes): $35 to $45

  • Full Leg (from tips of toes to top of thigh, not including bikini): $55 to $65

  • Brazilian (removal of all hair in the pelvic region, undercarriage, and buttocks, leaving you completely bare): $90

  • Manzilian (removal of all hair "under-the-belt" to include the pelvic region, shaft, undercarriage, and buttocks): $100


Reduce Tension. Enhance Relaxation. Target Discomfort. Helps warm your muscles, elevate your mood, and leave you feeling refreshed. CBD is a perfect complement to your massage or stretch session.


Restore. Therapeutic injury and sports repair, whether chronic or acute. Feel restored through deep tissue or specialized massage, kinesio taping, steam therapy, or trigger point therapy.


Feel renewed. Reduce stress, relieve pain, boost your mood, and let your cares melt away through our comforting and relaxing soft and medium tissue Swedish, prenatal, or couples massage. 


Rejuvenate and protect. Reveal a healthy glow through calming and soothing skin care treatments. Be pampered with premium and luxurious skin care and waxing products by a licensed esthetician.


We honor our active duty military service members and family with 10% off massage sessions.

Offer not valid with other promotions. Must ask for discount and present valid ID.